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HOW are we working?

We are at the system level -

and this gives a result

The company has introduced technologies, allowing to produce highly efficient processes with high accuracy:

Daily KРІ system

(productivity indicators for each product)

Algorithms and processing cards system

You can choose the text style, formatting and color…

MBO system

(the staff is motivated for the design result)

Technology lean Start UP

We take care of every new project and the resources we invest in it.

3 basic principles


(For the buyer in America and investor in China) all the projects are evaluated and built exclusively on the study of niche, or rather the customers of given niche.


(For the buyer in America and investor in China) it means, that we take only legally secured niches with transparent system of reporting for the investor.


(For the buyer in America and investor in China) we are not only investing our resources on projects that bear high risks, the payback period is more than 6 months from the start of sales and low ROI - less than 85%.

We are not selling a product, we take a place in the consumer’s mind
  • Create a Brand or take already finished product in the market of another country.
  • We calculate the financial model in the period of time for 6 months and 1 year
  • We fix agreements on paper (legal basis is obligatory).
  • Start selling from small test batches (minimization of risks).
  • We do only what we know and what is written in the company's processing card ( this is about 170 algorithms with step-by-step Instructions).
  • We create a transparent reporting form and sum up with the investor once a month.
  • We deduce profit, according to the agreements.
  • We make a decision on further development and / or development of new niches.


Evaluation of Your products according to the GARANT E.COMMERCE product evaluation matrix and selection of the best current products for launch

1. Average number of leaders sales

2. Average number of catching up leaders sales

3. Average number outsiders sales

4. Analysis of outsiders low sales

5. Marginality of leaders goods

6. Summary table for sizes / types / colors and other USP

7. Historical data on sales prices and rates of sellers in this product category

8. Data on season goods demand, 1-2-3 years

9. Quality of the product

10. Quality of Listings

11. Number of reviews

12. The price for advertising in this niche

13. Expectations of the goods we selected In the niche - price, speed of sale, Share of Advertising Expenses

14. The number of different search queries for these products

15. The number of requests for this product through the Amazon search system

16. Professionalism of sellers in this niche

17. Assortment of key sellers in the niche

18. As far as we can make the Additional Value of the Product in this niche

19. The product leads to additional orders

20. Sublimate goods

21. Goods which often buy together with the chosen product category

Positioning of product and shipping
  • Depending on the “packaged” product - the development of brand unders US or only copywriting in English
  • Product certification (if necessary)
  • The choice of the most suitable way of shipping the goods
  • Workflow of the goods shipment. Selecting bids for shipping. Delivery of goods to Amazon
Sales, record
Semantic Core Selecting for SEO listing optimization
Checking of the product position in search results and further work on it
Research, communication and further check out of products real buyouts for reviews and product indexing
Daily record and control of 34 product parameters on Amazon
Record and prediction of warehouse balances
Other methods of listing promotion
Launching of advertising campaign within Amazon on relevant medium-frequency queries with low competition
Work with customers: (answer to the questions, work with returns and negative reviews)
What’s next?

Expansion of the product line within one brand

Creation of the second competing brand in the same product category:

  1. On the basis of created logistic chain;
  2. Good prices from the supplier;
  3. All the developments received during the promotion of the first brand;

Distribution by Amazon - Europe

(from +30 to + 130% of turnover depending on the product category, the algorithms are the same);

Products sales provision to partners - specialists in other trading platforms

We work by algorithm
Average product economy
Calculation schedule of financial result for 1 year

Investor net profit by months with an accrual result

Criteria for choosing an investor in our projects

Availability of free financial leverage (from 50 000 - 100 000 dollars - depending on the chosen niche)

The availability of a clean credit, documentary and criminal history of an individual - investor

Working capital must not be encumbered

Existence of your own production in China is desirable.

Cooperation with us implies the following division of responsibilities:

What we do:

Choice of products

Analysis and selection of the most successful products from your product line

Study of the product properties on the basis of positive and negative reviews, articles, video reviewers;

Building a financial model of selected products

Determination of brand and product positioning;

Export and certification

Choosing the most suitable option for sending a product

Certification of shipped products (if necessary).

Workflow on shipping goods. Selecting bids for sending. Delivery of goods to Amazon.


Record and prediction of warehouse balances;

Daily accounting and control of 14 product parameters on Amazon;

Monthly reconciliation and transfer of dividends to an investor account.

Positioning (if necessary)

Choose of name; verifying the name for availability and registrability;

Creating a logo; Creating packaging;

Photos estimation;

Sending samples to the photographer for creating listing photos;

Sending a product to an individual employee for composing media content for reviews;

Creating photos for listing;

Own copywriting.

What the investor does:

Transfers the goods to dispatch.

Enumerates money within the agreed timeframe.

Gets profit 51%.

Once per month is involved in reporting for the period

Export and certification

Collecting the semantic core for SEO;

Listing optimization;

Launch of Product Campaign on relevant medium-frequency queries with low competition;

Other methods of listing promotion;

Research, communication and further check out of real goods redemption for indexing reviews and product;

Checking of product position in search result and further work on it;

Work with buyers: (answers to questions, work with returns and negative reviews).


Product improving.

Adding new product variations.

Search for new products.

Creation of competing brands in proven categories.

Setting up sales for Amazon Europe.

Establishing sales through partners

Cooperation is accompanied by the following legal basis

We have developed a legal framework that allows both sides to be safe and to benefit from cooperation.

  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of goods
  • Cooperation agreement
  • Agency contract
  • Acceptance acts at the end of each stage

We have developed a legal framework that allows both sides to be safe and to benefit from cooperation.

What resultswe are aiming at:

  1. Products turnover, funds with ROI from 100% with terms up to 3 months
  2. Testing only in small batches on a proven business model
  3. Small risks - a large financial result in 1-2 years
  4. Good representation of your brand abroad
We manage 11 stores on Amazon in US
Indicators which say for themselves


profitability for this period

10 741 909 $

a turnover for the given period

2 999 992 $

profit for the given period

49 products

were launched for this period

85 %

output to the expected sales rates

We know how to sell in closed niches

Conducted 3 patent researches and registred 4 brands

Certified 28 products in American laboratories

Opened 4 subcategories in Toys

Opened 1 category in Topicals

(Moisturizers, tonics, fluids for mouth etc.)

Opened 7 categories in Health and Personal Care

Opened 21 categories in Beauty



<p>Andrew Boiko&nbsp;</p>

Andrew Boiko 

Head of Amazon salesExpert in consumer marketing and building a Brand on AMAZON and EBAY sites.
<p>Denis Kislenko&nbsp;</p>

Denis Kislenko 

Head of Development and LogisticsExpert in management and international development. Founder of 3 franchise networks in the field of entertainment IT subjects.
<p>Michael Pritchard&nbsp;</p>

Michael Pritchard 

Head of Investment DepartmentExpert in the field of international investment, finance and Amazon-Start UP projects.  
<p>Tatyana Mysyk</p>

Tatyana Mysyk

Chief Project Management 

Expert in the field of creating and launching products on Amazon. Specialist in category opening on 2011-2015 - Amazon Sales Department

<p>Anthony Bright&nbsp;</p>

Anthony Bright 

Expert in the sphere of Communication and dispute resolution between customers and sellers with 2012-2016 - the head of Amazon call center operators group (Returns and paid subscription in US)
<p>Max Popov&nbsp;</p>

Max Popov 

Head of PPC Department

Expert in advertising and SEO inside Amazon, Google. Specialist in expanding sales in related niches within Amazon.